SSS (Superior Suspension Settings) now in BC

Without a doubt Canada's # 1 motocross suspension

It started back in 1989 when "Too Trick" Al Dyck and Joe Skidd started doing suspension on Al's Honda CR125 and together they won their first Canadian National Pro Motocross title together.

Since then Al has won many Canadian Motocross titles and Joe has gone on to be the most successful Motocross Suspension Tuner in the country. Joe's suspension has won everything from AMA Road Race titles to World GP Road Race titles and today Joe's suspension has won over 30 Canadian Motocross championships.

SSS works and wins on all makes including WP, Showa and KYB

So like back in 1988 Al Dyck (Too Trick Racing) has now joined Joe in making available SSS ( Superior Suspension Settings) to riders in Western Canada.

Call or e-mail Al Dyck for info regarding SSS suspension for your Motocross, Off-road or Street bike.